Compost Program

Save $$$. Save Time.

Promote Low Taxes and Create Your Own Garden Soil!

How It Works:

Come in to GREEN BOX RECYCLING and load up with Pallet pieces and/or scrap lumber. Build a 3- or 4-sided compost bin. Place your yard and household compostable materials inside the bin. Let Mother Nature take her course. Viola!… You’ve made the perfect gardening soil!

* Saves Valuable Landfill Space and Transportation Costs -Keeping Local Taxes Low!

* Consumes Less Energy! Saves Time!

*Environmentally Friendly! Lowers Carbon Footprint.

Our Goal: Divert just 500lbs of compostable yard and household waste from 10,000 homes in Tooele County this year. That’s a savings of $75,000 to taxpayers!

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